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The Modern Rules Of Jazz Drum Lessons | Jazz Drum Lessons

By Mike Smollins Image Source: Alex Frondelli recalled that his affection for music began aback he was 2 years old and sat abaft his father’s boom set for the aboriginal time. “From there on, I was aloof obsessed,” Frondelli, now 22, said. “There was connected acknowledgment to music about the house. It was a […]

Drums & Percussions

Five Awesome Things You Can Learn From Drum Lessons Chicago | Drum Lessons Chicago

Chicago Ambassador Rahm Emanuel, afterwards acceptable reelection, arresting Chicago “the greatest burghal in America.” Run by Democrats for added than eight decades, Chicago should serve as a showplace that reflects the admirable apple of “progressive policies.” Image Source: Public schools are a mess, and the city’s affairs abode their bonds at abreast clutter level. […]