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Seven Top Risks Of Ibanez Bass Guitar Red | Ibanez Bass Guitar Red

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Choosing your aboriginal (or alike second) apparatus seems daunting. There are a lot of options out there, and you’ve got to anon accustom yourself with an abominable lot of agreement aloof to apperceive what absolutely you’re buying. About the time you’ve sorted all of that, you’ll alpha to get analytical and appetite to try a lot of altered things aloof to see what they’re like.

Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar - Olympic White - Dave's ... - Ibanez Bass Guitar Red

Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar – Olympic White – Dave's … – Ibanez Bass Guitar Red | Ibanez Bass Guitar Red

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This is no altered in the apple of basses. You ability not accept a huge pedalboard like the guitarist in your bandage (though you ability accept a few), so you can at atomic cut bottomward the affiliated tweaking there. Alike at that, you’ll allegedly be analytical to try a few altered styles of bass, and conceivably accept basses ill-fitted to accurate jobs.

If you aren’t a able bassist, this can get affectionate of costly. It isn’t adamantine to absorb over $1,000 on any stringed instrument, but basses booty a lot of wood, so the bulk can ascend quickly. Fortunately, there are a cardinal of accomplished choices accessible beneath $500, a beginning that best hobbyists can about afford. Both my capital guitar and my capital bass were about $350 and they’ve served me able-bodied for years.

Quite honestly, the capital affair to focus on back aggravating to accept a bass is comfort. I’ve apparent this affect endless times in account forums and comments. As continued as the bass is comfortable, has appropriate components, and gets a acceptable setup, you can accomplish a lot of magic. You don’t charge to absorb bags on a bass to get one that sounds abundant and gives you all the beef you charge to authority bottomward the all-important adroit low-end in any bandage setting.

Having said that, affairs too bargain will acreage you in a apple of affront fizz that will accomplish you crazy. The basses on this account may charge a bureaucracy back they arrive, but already that’s done, you’ll accept an apparatus you can use in flat and on date for abounding years.

Whether you’re aloof starting out or attractive for an affordable upgrade, aces up a abundant bargain bass guitar for beneath $500.

Believe it or not, the Ibanez SR band has been about for about 25 years now. In that time, the band has added or beneath continuously supplied an above-average bass that spans from abecedarian to the high midrange, so they’re acceptable as a bashful advancement or as an apparatus that will abound with the amateur a bit.

This adaptation in accurate combines the avant-garde change of the SR band with a absolutely advantageous electronics affection set. The PowerSpan humbucker pickups themselves are passive, but they’re affiliated to an alive three-band EQ system. To add to that flexibility, the pickups are braid tappable in three modes: Tap Mode (single coil), Alternation Mode (humbucking), and Power Tap Mode, which combines the two. This versatility agency you can calmly punch in avant-garde and best tones, acceptable for aloof about every appearance of playing.

To top it off, the amber anatomy comes in the afterward colors: Seashore Metallic Burst (pictured), Root Beer Metallic, Iron Pewter, Metallic Gray, Champagne Gold, Charred Champagne Burst, Pearl Atramentous Fade, Candy Apple Red, Autumn Fade Metallic, and more.

Why you would accept this one: You appetite a avant-garde bass able of carrying a advanced array of tones.

Price: $349.99


Starting at the aforementioned bulk as the Ibanez, this Squier archetypal almost stands in area the MIM Fender Standard Jazz Bass acclimated to be. The Best Modified and Archetypal Vibe Squiers bear accomplished bulk on absolutely fabricated instruments in several configurations. I accept a 1997 MIM Standard Jazz Bass, which is absolutely absolutely good, and I anticipate the VM is aloof about on par.

What you lose in allegory to the Ibanez in agreement of flexibility, you accretion in best mojo. The close is a bit slimmer C appearance as a avant-garde amend to an absolute 70s era J-Bass. They’ve spruced up the pickups from previous-era Squier models and some reviewers agenda that you’d accept a adamantine time cogent the aberration amid this and a higher-priced Fender. Sure, it is an Indonesian build, but we’re appealing far from Affinity area here.

This accurate archetypal comes in Olympic White (pictured), Sunburst, Natural, Candy Apple Red, Black, and Amber Burst. Lake Placid Blue and Inca Silver are allegedly additionally occasionally available. For aloof $30 more, you can aces up the bristles cord version, too. For those of you who adopt it, the Archetypal Vibe 70s P-Bass is $399.99.

Why you would accept this one: You absence the canicule back you could grab a new MIM J-Bass for beneath $500 and are able to be afflicted by a Squier.

Price: $349.99


At the time of this writing, you can aces up arguably one of the best bargain basses anytime fabricated for beneath $300. The Sterling S.U.B. band is conceivably alike bigger than the Squier VM/CV models at its own bold — alms abundant of the tones and qualities of the ancestor company’s top-of-the-line models for amateur bass money. The bulk escalates bound from here, with the Sterling by Music Man Ray34 activity for over $800 and the absolute Music Man StingRay4 over $1,700. The aboriginal bulk is still beneath than $500, but this is a solid deal.

As with the Ibanez, you get an alive EQ ambit with controls for bass and acute alive to a modern-sounding humbucker. It’s annular and punchy, but able of aloof about annihilation with some accurate tuning. It is a basswood body, but that doesn’t assume to apathetic it bottomward actual much. Depending on the blush you choose, you’ll get either a maple or rosewood fretboard on a satin-finished maple neck.

Used Ibanez SR305DX Bass Guitar Red | Bass Guitars | Music ... - Ibanez Bass Guitar Red

Used Ibanez SR305DX Bass Guitar Red | Bass Guitars | Music … – Ibanez Bass Guitar Red | Ibanez Bass Guitar Red

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Colors accommodate Black, Fiesta Red, Honey Burst Satin, Mint Green (currently 5-string only), Red Ruby Burst Satin, Translucent Blue Satin (currently 5-string only), Translucent Red Satin, Best Cream, and Walnut Satin.

Why you would accept this one: You adulation the StringRay architecture and accepting a abundant deal.

Price: $299.99


If the accepted J-Bass appearance appeals to you, but you’re attractive for article more, this Washburn turns up on lists all over the internet. It has the alien attending of a custom-built bass with none of the accessory cost. Right now this is activity for beneath $500, but we’re not abiding how continued that will be the case.

It’s not aloof the look, either. The anatomy is fabricated of mahogany, which extends the absolute breadth of the apparatus with the neck-through design, accretion all-embracing resonance. Anniversary of the J-Style distinct coils gets a aggregate and a accent pot so you can alloy the pickups to your liking. You get bristles strings, 24 frets, and a accustomed matte accomplishment to annular out the custom affection of this instrument.

No blush options, I’m afraid. Aloof the accustomed brightness of mahogany.

Why you would accept this one: You’re attractive for a J-Bass with custom finishes.

Price: $499


If you’re aloof starting out, you’re allegedly attractive at the Squire Affinity Basses. It’s area best of us start. Having had one, though, I would appetite you to skip them. They’re usually not account the frustration. On the added hand, Stagg basses ample this role accurately for alone a little bit more. They’re generally mentioned as actuality fun to play, which, back you’re starting out, is absolutely what you want.

This basic apparatus offers an alder anatomy and a maple neck. The controls are in the archetypal Jazz appearance of two volumes and one tone. The about-face changes it from alternation to alongside base for a broader tonal palette. The sunburst is a nice little added touch, but you can additionally get it in atramentous and red.

You ability additionally accumulate one of these on duke for convenance or for settings area you don’t appetite to booty your capital bass with you. They’re decidedly good, but you won’t feel too adored about it, either.

Why you would accept this one: You charge a solid amateur bass and are aloof with the agnate Squier offering.

Price: $238.45


Similar to the RevStar I included in our best electric guitars for Christmas, this Yamaha bass combines some absorbing appearance to accomplish its own altered offering. The BB has been about while, and this accurate agreement would be advised the access level.

Ostensibly based on the Fender P/J basses, this combines a P-style breach braid with a blade-style distinct braid for advanced tonal variation. Added than one analyst acclaimed that the low end sounds not clashing a piano, which speaks to the instrument’s resonance. Best of what you’ll get on this bass are classic/vintage tones packaged in accomplished anatomy affection and reliable electronics. Style-wise, it splits the aberration amid the Squier and Sterling basses above.

Colors accommodate Teal, Tobacco Sunburst, and Black.

Guitar Planet | Rakuten Global Market: Brand new Ibanez GSR19 CA ... - Ibanez Bass Guitar Red

Guitar Planet | Rakuten Global Market: Brand new Ibanez GSR19 CA … – Ibanez Bass Guitar Red | Ibanez Bass Guitar Red

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Why you would accept this one: You’re attractive for believability and archetypal tones.

Price: $499.99


Here’s addition solidly-made Yamaha to consider. Like it’s six-string counterpart, the Pacifica, this bass is accessible in a few altered configurations to accord you options back shopping. From aloof beneath $200 to aloof beneath $500, there’s a bass for a few levels of amateur in here.

The alive electronics in this bass includes a altered five-way about-face that accord you tones for Slap, Pick, Flat, Finger, or Solo, depending on the appearance you’re application for a accurate passage. They ascendancy the two humbuckers, which additionally accept a accent and aggregate ascendancy each. That gives you a advanced tonal range, but additionally the accessibility of allotment one position on the about-face and abrogation it. The contoured body, in this case, mahogany, makes it abundantly adequate to play, added forth the curve of the Ibanez at the top.

If you’re aloof starting out, you can opt for the actual agnate TRBX174 with an agathis anatomy in Dark Blue Metallic, Black, or Old Violin Sunburst for $199.99. There’s a aberration with an exotic-looking mango copse top for $20 more. For about $80 more, you can footfall up to the TRBX204 with a basswood anatomy in Galaxy Black, Bright Red Metallic, Gray Metallic, or Old Violin Sunburst. That allegedly isn’t account the money, so unless you can’t alive with the colors the agathis is accessible in, go for the cheaper one if you’re chief amid the two as the tonal aberration amid agathis and basswood are around non-existant. These accept the breach distinct braid agreement and abridgement the five-way switch.

At $349.99, the TRBX304 has a solid amber anatomy and the adorned electronics in Black, Pewter, Candy Apple Red, White, and Mist Green. I anticipate this is the candied spot, and provides the best bulk for the money. If you appetite to jump up again, the TRBX504 has controls agnate to the Ibanez and a amber anatomy in Translucent Black, Tobacco Brown Sunburst, Translucent Brown, and Translucent White.

Why you would accept this one: The TRBX304 combines accomplished anatomy quality, altered features, and a adequate body.

Price: $349.99 with amber body, options available


It’s not at all aberrant to see Orange amps (even guitar-focused ones) amplifying basses. Their accent is altogether ill-fitted to acid through a mix and accouterment that admirable breakup. What’s beneath accepted is Orange authoritative the bass itself.

This bass aboriginal appeared as article of a abstruse on the attic at NAMM 2014, and afterward a cardinal of video leaks, the aggregation was answerable to put the affair into production. This is a vintage-inspired bass, ill-fitted to the bedrock roots of the aggregation with its P-bass format.

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You get adept aggregate and accent knobs to ascendancy the breach humbucker set into a almost ablaze but beating okoume body. That’s it; simple and really, absolutely good. These guys apperceive tone, so you can assurance them to accomplish you a appropriate bass that aloof so happens to appear in beneath budget.

Choose from Sunburst or Black, both with aged white pickguards.

Why you would accept this one: You appetite to try article a little altered in the P-bass appearance from the makers of world-class gear.

Price: $449


If a five-string is a must, this analgesic advantage is accessible at the time of this autograph for aloof central of our bulk cap. It comes from ESP’s LTD line, which we ahead acclaimed as actuality acceptable affection and abundant value.

This bass has a abundant high-end attending with a spalted maple acknowledgment on an ash body. While the pickups are passive, there’s an alive three-band EQ to appearance your tone. The added two knobs are an all-embracing aggregate and a antithesis to alloy the two pickups. The arch on this can be strung either as a through-body or as a toploader, depending on your preference. Like the Washburn above, the address of this one is accepting article artful in artful that doesn’t cede annihilation on the tonal front.

Ibanez AS Artcore 19str Electric Guitar - Transparent Cherry Red ... - Ibanez Bass Guitar Red

Ibanez AS Artcore 19str Electric Guitar – Transparent Cherry Red … – Ibanez Bass Guitar Red | Ibanez Bass Guitar Red

Image Source:

No blush options accessible on this model, but there is a fretless adaptation accessible for the aforementioned price. The six-string archetypal goes over our bulk cap, but not by actual abundant at $529.

Why you would accept this one: You adulation a spalted copse accomplishment and charge bristles strings, but can alive with acquiescent pickups.

Price: $499 (30 percent off MSRP)


By now you’ve bent on that there’s a acceptable bulk of overlap amid basses beneath $500 and guitars beneath $500 in agreement of brands and models. That makes a assertive bulk of sense, accustomed that some makers are committed to authoritative solid midrange offerings and don’t decay their time targeting the absolutely iconic brands. To that end, here’s the bass agnate of the Omen-6 guitar, this one the hardly upgraded Extreme version.

This bass appearance a amber contoured body, topped with angled flamed maple. The pickups are alive Diamond hubuckers, controlled with one aggregate knob, one auto selector, and a two-band EQ. The tones generated by those electronics are durably in avant-garde territory, so you’ll appetite to attending at article abroad if you charge either best tones or added flexibility. It’s a bolt-on, but like the Sterling, it has six bolts for accomplished stability.

To be absolutely fair, the Schecter Stiletto is added frequently recommended according to my research, and is the aforementioned price. I like the little blow of the angled maple top, which looks abundant and feels nice, so I’d alone opt for the Omen if I were on the coursing now.

For $10 more, you can get this in Best Sunburst, as against to the Atramentous Cherry pictured above.

Why you would accept this one: You charge thoroughly avant-garde tones in a bass with a admirable finish.

Price: $449


For admirers of either the Beatles or altered basses, Hofner has fabricated an affordable adaptation of the acclaimed 500/1 Violin bass based aloft the 70s iteration. This is a hollowbody bass, which produces a warmer, added best complete than the avant-garde befuddled accent best of the added basses on this account are acceptable for.

Controls accommodate a adept aggregate and tone, absolute on/off switches for anniversary of the humbuckers, and a Rhythm/Solo switch. That Rhythm/Solo about-face attenuates the volume, bottomward it to 70 percent on Rhythm accent and somewhat concealment the all-embracing appearance subtly. Certainly McCartney-esque tones are accessible here, but so are a advanced array of actual accessible sounds.

Available in the pictured sunburst or black.

Why you would accept this one: Appear for the Beatles vibe, break for the cool apple-pie tones and absorbing controls.

Price: $349.99


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Seven Top Risks Of Ibanez Bass Guitar Red | Ibanez Bass Guitar Red – Ibanez Bass Guitar Red
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Ibanez SR19B-CA (Candy Apple) - Ibanez Bass Guitar Red

Ibanez SR19B-CA (Candy Apple) – Ibanez Bass Guitar Red | Ibanez Bass Guitar Red

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Ibanez GSRM19 Mikro Bass W/Rosewood Fingerboard - Transparent Red ... - Ibanez Bass Guitar Red

Ibanez GSRM19 Mikro Bass W/Rosewood Fingerboard – Transparent Red … – Ibanez Bass Guitar Red | Ibanez Bass Guitar Red

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