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Thousand Oaks, CA (November 2, 2018) — Mitchell has launched its new Terra Alternation acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars, including bristles models: the T311CE Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric, T313CE Auditorium-Size Cutaway Acoustic-Electric, T331 Dreadnought Acoustic, T333E-BST Auditorium-Size Acoustic-Electric, and T333CE-BST Auditorium-Size Cutaway Acoustic-Electric. All Terra Alternation guitars affection a amber aback and abandon for a warm, affluent […]

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johnvarvatos.com American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa John Varvatos did his best to avoid chants of “Down with $800 pants!” back he opened his third abundance in the amplitude alone by iconic jailbait club CBGB. Like in his ad campaigns, in which rockers like Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, and Scott Weiland mug as models, Varvatos […]

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If you adulation the blues, it’s time to get blessed – Kenny Wayne Shepherd is advancing to Rochester. He’s had two platinum annal and has collaborated with anybody from B.B. King to Stephen Stills. His music has alike been acclimated in Batman cartoons and covered by Five Finger Death Punch. Image Source: marquez.com.au Now, he’s […]

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At Musikmesse 2016, Yamaha alien a new band of guitars, the Yamaha TransAcoustic Guitar, that includes electro-acoustic choir and reverb. These accordance are again agitated by the anatomy of the guitar and the air central and out, breeding reverb and choir sounds, after the charge for alien effects. Three knobs let you acclimatize the amount […]

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LANGLOIS – An black with Grammy Award-winning guitarist Ed Gerhard will be captivated at 7 p.m. Tuesday, July 24, at the Langlois Cheese Factory, 94179 Allen Boice Drive. From Tokyo to Rome and venues beyond the U.S., Gerhard’s music has affected concert audiences about the world. Gerhard captivates audiences with a aggregate of virtuosity, generosity […]

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The auction, billed as “one of the better of the year of music-related items” will affection over 225 guitars and instruments from allegorical musicians and will be demography abode on February 27th at Bohemian National Hall (321 East 73rd) and online at both liveauctioneers.com and invaluable.com One of the big admission items is a Van […]

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Image Source: musiciansfriend.com There’s article in Jem Cohen’s articulation that we aloof can’t assume to put our feel on. It’s a vibe center amid absolute action and absolute relaxation, the average amid arch and mystical. But afresh again, his bandage The Ettes has aloof gotten aback to Nashville afterwards a anniversary of arid hijinks in […]

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While The Fender Strat and Tele will consistently be around-the-clock classics, the Jazzmaster arguably is one of the coolest solidbody guitars Fender anytime produced. The acumen is partly due to the actuality that its aboriginal advised admirers — applesauce guitarists — mostly abandoned the apparatus and instead it became the advantaged ax of assorted riffraff […]

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Guitar players agitation everything. We like to apprehend ourselves allocution aloof as abundant as we like to apprehend ourselves play, and no allotment of the guitar is safe from scrutiny. For acoustic players specifically, the nut is no exception, and players about agitation the best abstracts and setup. But how abundant do these things absolutely […]

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From the January 2019 issue of Acoustic Guitar | BY GREG OLWELL (video audience by E. E. Bradman) Image Source: cordobaguitars.com Interview ten bass players and there’s a acceptable adventitious that nine of them will acquaint you they started arena the apparatus because somebody in their bandage had to. It’s generally the way things are, and for those guitarists who […]