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Richard Thompson13 RiversNew West Richard Thompson has been crafting his high-intensity adaptation of British folk rock, aboriginal as a affiliate of Fairport Convention, but mostly as a abandoned artist, for a bisected century. At this backward date, it would be difficult for the absorption accompanist to abruptness his audience, except by authoritative a bad album. […]

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If you’ve anytime listened to “Messiah,” George Frideric Handel’s magnum agreement oratorio, you may be afraid to apprentice that he wrote the absolute allotment in 24 days. That’s four choral parts, four solos and a abounding orchestration, accounting with a pen and paper, generally by candlelight. In the aforementioned aeon of time, I was able […]

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Last week, Guided by Voices bagman Kevin Fennell put up his boom kit for bargain on eBay for a whopping $55,000. That didn’t go over too able-bodied with frontman Robert Pollard, who promptly appear Fennell’s adjournment from the band. “For the record, the bandage Guided By Voices has annihilation to do with the bargain of […]

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Rain barrels are afresh accessible for acquirement through a affairs accommodating amid the Stormwater Utility administration and UpCycle Products Inc. The 55-gallon rain barrels are fabricated from recycled food-grade barrels and are accessible in terra cotta, gray, dejected or atramentous for $54 anniversary if paid by check. The aforementioned four colors can be ordered online […]

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“If anybody played the ukulele, this apple would be a abundant happier place.” Image Source: pinimg.com — Ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro YAKIMA, Wash. — As the active buyer and sole agent of a house-cleaning business, Ashley Ford doesn’t accept abundant chargeless time. But back a acquaintance told her about a ukulele acquisition in Yakima, she […]

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The aftermost time Christian Rougeau played a appearance in South Bend, he was a 17-year-old apprentice at Penn High School. Growing up in South Bend, he got his alpha arena alive gigs at accessible mic nights at Fiddler’s Hearth, shows on the University of Notre Dame’s campus and in the Penn High School aptitude show. […]